The Japan Society

Upcoming Events

17/06/2024A Comparison on Gender Representation in Higher Education and Economics in Japan and the UK


In this lecture Dr Liliana Harding will focus on women’s under-representation in social sciences and economics and why such under-representation matters.

03/07/2024ONLINE EVENT - The Japan Society Film Club: Kamikaze Girls directed by Tetsuya Nakashima


For our film club in July, we invite you to join our discussion on Kamikaze Girls, a quirky teenage comedy crafted by the imaginative Tetsuya Nakashima.

19/08/2024The Importance of Being an Anesan: Women in the Yakuza


This lecture will explore the often-overlooked contributions of women within the yakuza, from supportive roles played by wives (anesan) and partners to the rare but significant involvement of women in leadership.