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Geography of Japan - Lesson 6

Subject: Geography
Level: Key Stage 3
Age: 11-15 years
Resource Type: Activities / Presentations / Lesson Plans / Worksheets

The 2011 Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster had a devastating impact, costing thousands of lives. Over the course of two lessons (there is the option to condense into one lesson if preferred), students will learn how earthquakes can cause a tsunami and will also consider the impact of the disaster on survivors

Students will look at the work of Fumio Obata, a graphic novelist and illustrator who produced ‘comic reportage’ detailing the scale and human tragedy of the disaster. They will then create their own work to educate people about the event.

Learning Objectives

  • Outline how an earthquake can cause a tsunami.
  • Illustrate the sequence of events on the day of the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster.
  • Describe the effects of the Tohoku tsunami.

Resources (Part 1)

Resources (Part 2)

Additional Resources 

* For more information or to contact the Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta, visit the Keys of Change website or email 

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