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The Japan Society runs more than 80 events per year providing opportunities for members and others interested in Japan to meet, learn and exchange ideas and experiences. Our archive of Past Events below shows events we have offered in previous months starting from 2020.

A list of events from previous years can be downloaded in pdf:
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19/02/2024ARCHIVED First Contact: The Earliest Scots in Japan (1613-1623)


In this lecture, Professor Ian Gow will discuss first contacts by Scots with Tokugawa Japan during the English East India Company period in Hirado (1613-23).

15/01/2024ARCHIVED Switching Tracks from the Golden Route: Trends, Strategies & Challenges for Inbound Tourism in Japan


In this lecture, Christopher Hayes will explore some of the strategies that have been employed to diversify tourism in Japan in the recent years, with a particular focus on the country’s hosting of major international events, drawing on his research on the tourism impact of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

20/11/2023ARCHIVED Paragons in Print: Exemplary Women in Edo Japan


While prints of the Edo period (c. 1615–1868) are known for their depictions of floating world beauties, this does not capture the full diversity of women depicted in Japan’s graphic arts. Prompted by a puzzling set of luxury prints by artist Yashima Gakutei (1786–1868), this talk takes up the subject of retsujo, exemplary women.

30/10/2023ARCHIVED Education in Japan: Still on Top of the World?


In the 1980s and 1990s, Japanese education attracted global attention for its excellence. In recent decades, however, Japan’s economic woes seem to have cooled international enthusiasm for learning from the country. Is Japanese education still a beacon of excellence?

28/09/2023ARCHIVED The Last Ring Home. Film Screening, Talk and Book Signing


The Last Ring Home is a book and documentary film telling the true story of Lt. Minter Dial, a WWII POW in the Philippines, and the fascinating journey of his Annapolis Naval Academy ring that miraculously made its way home 17 years after his death.

27/03/2023ARCHIVED HYBRID EVENT - Lecture by Julia Longbottom CMG, British Ambassador to Japan


We are delighted to welcome the British Ambassador to Japan, Julia Longbottom CMG, to address the Japan Society after two years in post.

25/10/2022ARCHIVED The History of Medicine in Japan


With its origins mainly from Chinese traditional medicine, Japan established its own traditions and systems of treatments in an array of different situations over the course of its several time periods. These were further influenced by the indigenous belief system of the Japanese called Shinto as well as the arrival of Europeans into Japan, particularly Rangaku or “Dutch Learning.”

26/09/2022ARCHIVED ‘Abandon all hope, you who enter’ - Sir Rutherford Alcock and Japan (1859 – 1865)


Very few scaled the heights to reach the level of Minister to Japan or especially Minister to China – the most important British official east of India. This means that Alcock’s story would inevitably have been out-of-the-ordinary, but there were things about him that made it more than that.

15/08/2022ARCHIVED Lord Sempill and Japan: Traitor or Spy-Myth?


In this lecture, Alex Hardie will explore the life of Lord Sempill (1893-1965), a distinguished aviator and a lifelong friend of Japan who was labelled “the traitor of Pearl Harbor.” He will argue that the archival evidence does not support the prevailing view of Sempill as a spy who betrayed British and American interests.

09/07/2022ARCHIVED ONLINE LECTURE - Physical Disability and the Politics of Inclusion in Contemporary Japan


In this presentation, Mark Bookman will provide a regional history of physical disability policy and social movements in contemporary Japan explaining why interested parties have emphasized the needs of certain demographics over others when developing built environments, education, employment, entertainment, and medical systems.