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  • The workshop was was brilliant. The children have not been able to stop talking about it. They are all now fascinated with Japan and want to get books out of the library and look it up on the internet.

  • The children really appreaciated the valuable experience of your volunteers coming into our school. They made the sessions extremely enjoyable and interesting, catering especially well for the wide age range of our pupils.

  • We are really grateful for the time and effort your volunteers took to familiarise us with some aspects of Japanese culture. We have so many cultures represented in the school and this visit further enriched our experience. Thank you.

  • Your volunteer ladies are all lovely people, so friendly and willing, and very professional in their approach. Other members of staff remarked on how really enthusiastic they were and how the children were extremely responsive to this.

  • Excellent organisation by volunteers. The visit and activities were wonderful with a great variety and interest. The children thoroughly enjoyed it!


  • My best part of the lesson was the Japanese writing. I didn’t know that Japanese people had to remember how to write every letter. I found out lots more than just that but it’s not worth going through every single one.

  • I liked the origami the best. When I got home I remembered how to make the hat. Arigato for teaching us.

  • Arigato for shoing (sic) us how to count in Japanese. We showed the rest of the school how to count.

  • Konnichiwa. Thank you for coming… I love the kimono because we can wear it and it fit me very well. My best things was singing and it was like this ge ge ge..gwa gwa gwa. I like it because it was fun and nice.

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